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CarboClear® Cervical Plate

X-ray: AP & Lateral

  • Made of continuous carbon fibers reinforced polymer
  • ​Radiolucent & Minimal Artifacts in CT / MRI for enhanced follow-up
  • Polyaxial screw insertion
  • Optimal Modulus of Elasticity 
  • Unparalleled Fatigue Resistance
  • No Cold Welding & bone ingrowth for easy removal
  • ​Essential in Tumor cases:
    • Enhanced radiation therapy administration:
    • Negligible backscattering and attenuation for optimal dosage
  • CarboClear Cervical Plate is cleared by the FDA for all indications:                DDD, Oncology & Trauma

Polyaxial Screw Insertion up to ± 6°

Cervical Plate-Screw Angulation for webs

AP & Lateral X-Ray


  • Ø4.0mm Self-Drilling Titanium Screws. Lengths: 12-20mm (in 2mm increments)
  • Ø4.5mm Self-Tapping Titanium Screws. Lengths: 10-20mm (in 2mm increments)
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